The Filter Man has set the standard in the air filtration industry. For more than 25 years, we have served the Greater Houston area, Texas, & surrounding states. Contractors, engineering firms, & building engineers rely on us because we take the time to train, educate, & support all projects from start to finish. We pride ourselves on our elevated service standards & unequaled reputation.

Our customer’s education comes first! TFM has operated on the principle that an educated customer makes the correct decision. We then provide excellent products & services from an extensively vetted supplier base to meet our customers’ requirements. Lastly, we instruct them on how to build an air quality program that provides an efficient & protective system that keeps their building operating smoothly into the future.

Attention to Detail

Air Filters are only one part of the program. Small factors in a system can greatly affect the success of an air quality program. We EXCEL at finding these issues, correcting them, and keeping them from returning.

Industry Navigation 

 The Air Filtration Industry is full of manufacturer claims, product ratings, and code requirements. There is no Filter Police to ensure honesty and integrity. As an independent distributor, our recommendations are based on 30 years of experience with real-world results. We proudly recommend the testing of our filters through trial and evaluations at our customer’s locations. This is the tried and true way of proving what system provides the greatest benefit in a customer’s location.

Greatest Value 

Our high-quality filters have proven returns in time, energy, replacement costs, and performance. It is no secret in the air filter industry that a supplier can make more selling and installing an “Economy” filter several times compared to the quality option that is changed less. Even worse the economy filter rarely protects the equipment and occupants so why are you buying the air filter in the first place?

Equipment Recovery 

Many building engineers are asked to operate equipment that is aged or been neglected in the past. TFM provides solutions that can help rehabilitate A/C systems at a fraction of the cost of unit or coil replacement. Through steps such as cleaning, ceramic coating, UV lights, and housing upgrades we have saved our customers budgets from untimely replacement costs.

Install Services

Our fleet of Vehicles and Certified technicians are available to deliver, install and inspect a wide range of quality air filtration products. We constantly work to better equip and train our technicians to achieve mastery of their skills in the field. Our Facility is located just North of Houston, TX. With over 20,000 sq ft of warehouse space and 5,000 sq ft fabrication, we buy most of our filters by the truck/container load. Combined with the stocking programs we deliver high rates of product availability even in specialty sized products.

Meet the Team

How Can We Help You?

Have questions? Need an estimate? Our team is readily available to assist you. To learn more, call us today!

How Can We Help You?

Have questions? Need an estimate? Our team is readily available to assist you. To learn more, call us today!