Consulting Services

Our goal is to perform preventative maintenance on your building’s air handling unit so that you can avoid the potential problems listed below, and gain energy savings.

Potential Problems Caused By Improper Air Filtration

  • System Evaluation
  • Onsite Training/Certification
  • Survey
  • Audit
  • Particle Testing
  • Troubleshooting
  • IAQ
System Evaluation

When your filtration system isn’t working at its’ top performance, you run the risk of bigger issues occurring. Stop minor problems in their tracks by having a specialist evaluate your equipment and identify potential weak points.

Onsite Training

Learn how to diagnose and resolve IAQ matters while delivering comprehensive results to diverse industries. Our onsite trainers provide education for all things indoor air quality, giving you a rewarding certification for a filtered future.


Accurate surveying of air handling units is vital to efficient air filter performance and installation. Having correct measurements is critical to ensure proper fit and seal of any air filter. No matter the desired filter efficiency, accurate up to date surveys are crucial to eliminating bypass and allowing the filter to perform to the best of its ability.


A thorough audit of your air filter systems is the first step towards analysis for cost savings and health hazard reduction. We strive to understand your current filtration issues and identify how to reach optimal performance.

Particle Testing

Air Particulate Count testing is required annually in critical areas for hospitals, surgical centers, and other medical buildings. Our certified team performs various types of particle count testing. The information gathered is used to determine the effectiveness of filtration and recommend solutions to correct any deficiencies.


Just by simply getting monthly maintenance on your air filters, you will quickly begin to see the benefits. With professional troubleshooting and maintenance, you can greatly improve the performance and longevity of your air filtering system.


At TFM we provide a thorough evaluation of the air quality in commercial and industrial facilities. Indoor air quality is defined by the concentrations of pollutants and air conditions that may negatively affect the health of the building’s occupants.

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