Technical Services

Technical Services

  • Filter Installation
  • Coil Cleaning
  • UV Install
  • Pressure Drop Monitoring
  • Housing Installs
  • Paint Booth Application
  • AHU Hygiene and Refurbishment
  • Form Fit Seal
Filter Installation

TFM provides superior products and services installed by NAFA certified technicians. All of our technicians have received their certification and receive continual education with on the job training. They have passed written tests that cover the safety and technical aspects of the job, proving that they have the skills and expertise to correctly and safely do the job. Utilizing a certified technician ensures efficiency and saves our customers time and money.

Coil Cleaning

Coil cleaning helps keep our customer’s equipment running better and longer. By keeping the evaporator and condenser coils of an air conditioning system clean and free of foreign materials, we can maintain operating efficiency and increase equipment life. Cleaning the coils not only helps the system operate properly, but it can also help avoid serious illness and maintain a healthy environment for the occupants. TFM also offers the proper type of cleaning solution to meet each customer’s needs based on each AHU’s individual situation.

UV Install

UV systems are used for air and object disinfection. They can be utilized to not only protect equipment but control odor. Different UV wavelengths work to destroy numerous contaminants, such as microorganisms, chemicals, and odors on a molecular level. TFM provides a multitude of UV arrangements that are designed for each specific usage. Our technicians receive training from our supplier, Sanuvox, so that each installation is performed at top standards.

Pressure Drop Monitoring

Pressure drop monitoring service from TFM provides the ultimate in air quality management for those firms that desire or require a comprehensive program for ensuring their air filtration goals are maintained. Pressure drop monitoring should be recorded from the initial installation of a new filter. Timely checks of the increase in pressure should be maintained in a log and reviewed to determine when that specific filter reaches its change point. The importance of this document provides information that can be used to track trends and monitor any pressure drop changes in the AHU.

Paint Booth Application

Reduce environmental problems by minimizing the amount of solidified paint overspray. We have filtration systems designed specifically for paint booth operations to help to maintain a clean and efficient working environment.

AHU Hygiene and Refurbishment

Not all dysfunctional air filter systems need to be replaced! In some cases, our Certified Air Filter Experts will recommend a total refurbishment to keep your unit running in optimal condition with no issue for many years. This option will cut costs and is more time-efficient.

UV Quattro- Air Disinfection System

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